RBTT Consultants was founded in 2004 by three like-minded engineers, who had previously worked together for many years, François Raulier, Snežana Bubnjar and Denis Tompakov.

The company was registered in England on 24th December 2004. We immediately embarked on creating a separate legal entity in Russia, our primary target market, in the form of a Moscow Representative Office. This became operational in April 2005 and was followed in 2008 by our second overseas office in Belgrade, Serbia.

Over the years we have built up a core team of very talented and fiercely loyal engineers. Many of them have been with us since 2005 and are the staunchest advocates of our core values:

  • Complete independence from any supplier or manufacturer, allowing us to provide independent advice to our clients at all times.
  • A commitment to providing design solutions that are completely tailored to our client’s requirements, whatever the desired level of complexity.
  • A focus on first listening to our clients to understand their desires before suggesting any design solutions.
  • The aim of producing a quality intellectual product, whatever the size of the project.


François Raulier

François Rauliermore

Having worked mainly on Central and Eastern European projects from 1991 onwards, in 1996 François moved from London, where he had been based, to Moscow. He has been living there ever since. Over the course of the years, François has been involved in a huge variety of projects, both large and small, and brings with him an in-depth understanding of the overall construction process from inception to handover. François is a Chartered Engineer. He also belongs to a number of professional bodies

Snežana Bubnjar

Snežana Bubnjarmore

Snezana Bubnjar is a senior mechanical engineer specialising in the multi-disciplinary design of commercial, retail, residential and industrial projects. She has extensive knowledge of design requirements for Russia and Eastern Europe having been based in Moscow since February 1995. Having worked as site mechanical project manager, she has experience of managing large project teams. Snezana comes from a Serbian spoken background. She is also fluent in English and Russian

Denis Tompakov

Denis Tompakovmore

Denis has been working in construction throughout his working life ever since graduating from the Moscow State University of Earth Reclamation in Construction Engineering in 1997. Having worked on various projects around Russian Federation from 1997 onwards, acting on behalf of contracting, project management and design organizations. Over the course of the years, Denis has been involved in a huge variety of projects, both large and small, and brings with him an in-depth understanding of the overall