Vertical transportation consultancy service

Dear colleagues and partners, we are pleased to inform you that from July 2020 we will start to provide a new vertical transportation consultancy service. The scope of this new service includes the following:

  • Development of concept solutions for vertical transportation needs;

  • Development of the “Vertical Transportation” section of ‘Proekt’ documentation;

  • Development of Tender Documentation for the selection of the most suitable vertical transportation equipment supplier;

  •  Calculation of the necessary number, type and parameters of vertical transportation systems including their speed, dimensions, load capacity;

  • Definition of the most suitable system types including Single, Double Deck, TWIN;
  • Modelling of vertical transportation systems, definition of average waiting and destination times; 
  • Modelling of lift power consumptions;
  • Provision of advice and support during the design, manufacture and installation of vertical transportation equipment;
  • Traffic analysis in existing buildings and recommendations on how to reduce average waiting times. 

We are completely independent of all equipment suppliers and manufacturers in providing these services.   We will provide recommendations as to the best solutions for YOUR project, not for their profit margins.

Our ability to expand our activities in this way is the direct result of Dmitry Martyntsev recently joining us from Arup where he had been responsible for delivering the same service for many years.  Dmitry will personally lead all our vertical transportation projects and his wide experience in this field will ensure that our clients receive the very best advice for their projects.

Contact details:
Tel: +7 495 602 50 64